Business in Canton, Tx - Lubriformance

Business Spotlight in Canton, TX- Lubriformance’s Success

One hometown business that you may or may not have heard of continues to produce quality products that are distributed nationwide. Lubriformance has been operating in Canton, Texas since 2005 and their business has no plans of slowing down. Their product line is vast with different chemicals and cleaners that are used in a variety of ways. In this blog, we will focus on a couple.


They have a penetrating lubricant called “Lubrilizer” which is a competitor to WD-40. According to their website, Lubrilizer is a tried and true product whose roots go back to Pre-World War II. It’s used “as a fuel stabilizer for gasoline or diesel fuel. LUBRILIZER can be used as an engine flush. LUBRILIZER  is great for de-gelling or de-icing diesel fuel. And don’t forget to use where you would normally use penetrating oil. LUBRILIZER is now available in 16 oz. spray bottles, providing a much better value than conventional aerosols.”

Business in Canton, Tx - Lubriformance

Another great product they have is called “Ultra-Fuel“. During a freeze, diesel can gel up and this product not only helps keep the fuel from gelling but should be added to fuel tanks with moisture in them. This product, “is a unique blend of moisture dispersants and fuel stabilizers” and “can be used in either gasoline or diesel to prevent phase separation and problems with moisture”

Doing Business in Canton, TX.

Lubriformance sells and distributes its products to companies across the nation. They can also be ordered by customers by contacting them at 833-868-3835 or 833-TNT-FUEL. Owner Kenneth Pruitt is a proud Canton resident and is particularly proud of his workforce. He says it’s easy to find reliable, hard workers in Canton, Texas, and is proud to call Canton his home. Kenneth has spent countless volunteering and serving his community. The Canton Economic Development is equally proud to call Kenneth Pruitt and Lubriformance a great partner.

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